Roar! Roar! Roar! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Website of Leo Club of High School Batu Pahat. First I would like to express my appreciation to all those who are willing to spend time visiting this Website. Every of your visit is a form of acknowledgement and also encouragement to this Website.

    Secondly, I would like to thank my club for assigning me as the webmaster of this Website. It is truly and honor for me to create and administer this Website for our club.

    Our club has chosen the Internet to publicize itself due to the Internet's high exposure rate and low cost. In this revolutionized world of the information technology, the Internet is by far the most efficient and effective form of publicity. I hope by exposing our club through the Internet, the world will understands more about Leo club. Together, we shall make a difference to the world.

    Lastly, enjoy your time browsing this Website.

Webmaster - Leo Tan Wee Yew 




message from president


Greetings, fellow Leos and those who are viewing this Website. Welcome to the Website of Leo Club of High School Batu Pahat. It is my honor that this page is posted with my speech. I would like to express my gratitude to our Information Technology Chairperson, Leo Tan Wee Yew for adminstrating this Website.

    This Website comprises many interesting stories about our club. We have wonderful adventures and experiences throughout our years in this club. Serving as a Leo is a privilege, an honor to me. I am sure that the webmaster has posted a page telling you about LEO. Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. Yes, these are the mottoes which guided me through my years.

    Our Leo club is sponsored by the Lions Club of Batu Pahat and each member is entrusted with our motto “We Serve”. This motto does not only serve as a reminder that we should serve, but it is also a motivation to bring dreams into reality. I am blessed to be here today, sitting and writing this speech but many are out there striving just to be alive. The least I can do is to extend my hands, reach out to them, to give hope, just like any other Leo would do. We Leos are not just a club; we are a society in the society which does more than just roar. We are destined to do many great things.

    As the president of the club, I am entrusted with the responsibility to make sure everything in the club is on-going and the members are never redundant. We are like the emblem – our eyes are always open and searching for opportunities to help those in need. Together as a team, we shall work and reach to the sky with Leo’s name on our backs. And together we shall soar to the clouds and ROAR like never before. Last but not least, together as a team, WE SERVE!


                                                               President of Leo Club of High School Batu Pahat - Leo Ernest Hoe